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To the plumbing industry:

Consolidation has been sweeping throughout the industry and it is finally catching up to reps. We saw this trend coming over a year ago and started discussions with a number of agencies in the Rocky Mountain market. Most of those discussions failed to lead to any action.

One agency saw the same opportunities we did, had synergistic lines, but didn't want to be as involved in warehousing as we were or in some of the markets we have been successful in. But we have kept our discussions going and finally have found an approach that makes sense.

We are pleased to announce that effective March 1, 2000 J. N. Marshall Inc. will be joining with Thomas J. Rodeno & Associates to form Marshall Rodeno Associated.

From now until March, we will continue with business as usual, operating out of our warehouse with our existing staff. Tom is preparing a new building that will ultimate house the combined operations; it should be ready sometime in February.

As you already know, effective February 1, 2000 the remainder of our piping and water products lines will be transferred to Repmasters, Inc. Our heating lines will be transferred to Shamrock Sales (WW Sales in NM), also February 1st. We've enclosed a handy reference line card for our wholesale lines so you'll know whom to call. Our retail store service lines were transferred to Keyline Sales (NM, AZ, & El Paso) and to Joslin Sales [800-523-7919] (balance of territory).

We are convinced our new partnership, Marshall Rodeno Associated, will be the best agency in the Rocky Mountain region. Innovative ideas and a focused market plan will mean superior support for you and increased product demand for everyone.

Remember, that until February/March, it will be business as usual. Continue to call our offices just as you have for the past 50 years! We are excited by this new start to the new millennium.

Gregg E. Marshall, CPMR


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